Online Business...the secret unravelled!

Just how much do you know about the internet and internet trends! Just what motivates the millions of internet feeders to keep publishing content online...who pays for the resources utilised in this community?

The truth is that for every small work published online, there is a great MOTIVATION  and here is where the secret lies! The said motivation is MONEY...forget oil dollars...the internet is chocking with trillions of CURRENCY (Not just the legendary dollar) exchanging hands. All this goes into the various BUSINESS transacted online. Buying and selling of commodities and services...just like the old local market business!

But this is not the SECRET! This is just business as usual! The real deal lies in the HURDLES of internet business, the biggest being VISIBILITY! How do i, a Kenyan, know that the best quality footwear at the lowest possible price is available in Kiribati, a country in the other end of the world?

ADVERTISEMENT is the single most lucrative form of internet business anywhere! Not even gold dealers can beat this! And for every single cent of the trillions exchanged online each day, a handsome percentage is paid in COMMISSION! That is the secret...but not quite the whole story! Just like the situation on the ground, the manufacturer does not have what it takes to go around the world showcasing their merchadise, they probably don't even know how to go about it! And will obviously need a very elaborate marketing department to reach this goal! 

So, how do they go around this hurdle, they give out their adverts out to the world for example in the form of banners, and any willing ENTREPRENEUR posts these on their various spaces and get paid whenever these are SEEN by surfers, most of these in their usual pass-time-religions like facebook and even more if such persons end up purchasing the merchadise! Simple? No...Yes..
This is a factor of one's SPACE - VISIBILITY! The more traffic one is capable of gathering, the more the cash they will take home! Most of these spaces are in the form of WEBSITES and BLOGS. Find out more about these in the next blog....but be sure to check out the following spaces already in business. There is also enough guidance on the said business.

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