Watch TV TV stations live on your PC

Watch television - Live Internet TVWatch
4000 Live television channels from your PC.
Not required of a TV hardware. Pure picture - no monthly fee needed.

Watch TV shows online anywhere. All you need is
our IP television software,
your computer, and online connection.

Finding the websites that has live television is very simple.
Just enter "internet television"
into a search bar and you will receive hundreds of results to pick from. Most Internet TV streaming
websites even have channels from around the world
so shows from other countries like Britain,
for example, can be watched right from your computer. The convenience and simplicity, not to mention huge number of
opportunities that online TV offers,
it's no wonder lot of customers are choosing it over regular TV.

Live television news is used primarily for major stories and local events. The foreign bureaus have been
cut back for some time now, and the major news networks are relying mostly on 'stringers' for their foreign coverage.
Online TV news is not a cash making product for television and is not expected to
improve any time soon. Revenue trumps news, especially in todays competitive and down market due to the economy.

One of the most convenient things about live ip television is that since you are watching it on your
PC when a commercial comes around instead of having to sit through it you can just surf the web, which gets rid of the pain of advertisings.

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