The Beauty In Deep

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I have recently been watching auditions for the Miss World Country representative, albeit not with ardent religious loyalty. It strikes me the idea that there are various guidelines that define a beautiful woman….or is it lady? Whenever a member has to leave the troupe, the judges come up with a list of things that were done wrong, either over or below the benchmark. Things that were not done at all and others that were not “possessed.”

It is of course a competition and there has to be a winner, but what exactly is this thing called beauty? What does it take to be called beautiful? Is beauty in the features or in the qualities? Is it qualitative or quantitive?

In a world full of differences, where does the line cut? I am of the opinion that beauty is not in the breadth of ones lips, but in the width of their smile! It does not increase with height of posture, but it dwells in the richness of composure! The shade of our skin can make us more pretty than our counterparts, but it can never make us more beautiful. The grace in ones walk is usually an aspect to judge them, as an erratically walking lady will generally score very little, but this doesn’t really paint them beautiful or not!

Much has been said about happiness, for example, that it is not a factor of riches, although money tends to provoke the sense of happiness. In the same vein, a perfect body alignment and a complimenting cover does not make people beautiful! It only points towards a general direction in the landscape of beauty.

There is much more to it than just these features and petty yardsticks that we all look out for. That is the reason why some people like to coin beauty and brains together; manners should never be kept far from this equation. And while it is no longer strange to meet octogenarians claiming to be “young at heart”, it should be quite in order to claim the beauty that is in deep! Beyond that birthmark, beyond that limp or discordant dental arrangement and stunted height. Deeply engraved to weather the erosion by rules of modern beauty!

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