UNleash The Hero Within

Unleash The Hero Within
I have a very poor memory, especially for things that do not add or remove a hair from my skin or a coin in my pocket! But I am yet to forget one very unique aspect in the magnificent movie, The Titanic. This master-piece (the movie) about the wonder-piece (The Titanic) has so much to be remembered for. My memory is that of its powerhouse.
This was the section where Dawson and Rose escaped through and this was really a lake in the desert. Despite the glamour of the vessel, from the passages to the lodges, especially the first class section, the power house was “hell” in the fairest of comparison. Hot and dirty, hectic in the quest of record speed! But this is where the motion was got from, even the force to damage the ‘unsinkable monster’ against an iceberg.
The same happens for us in our lives. We are equipped with monstrous powerhouses, but with the full mandate of control. The good thing is that we don’t hire way-watchers to guide the ‘control’ of our vessel! Whether our ship sails away from the harbor and indeed how far away it goes is all upon us. So much has been said about the power of ones will (Where there is will…).
As my primary school principal would have it, ‘you can take cows to the river, but you cannot force them to drink.’ Another pastor used a similar illustration, only that he added the option of forcing them to drink with the hooves! The fact is that external influence has its limit on ‘our drive’, and lest we be like wheelbarrows, which don’t move an inch farther than they are pushed!
This is the aspect reasoning behind phrases ‘people outdoing themselves’, going beyond expectations, breaking barriers…. It is usually said to be a result of working hard, rather than ‘doing hard work’. Unleashing the ‘hero within’, going against all odds and thinking ‘outside the box’ to get that one thing that though improbable, is not impossible as Mel C would have it.
The point is, it does not take education, family support or a big inheritance to make a difference in one’s life. And though these factors contribute a big deal to whom we finally become in the social setting, the reality is that we have the full responsibility to make or break ourselves.

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