Life, Peers And The Five Fingers

The human hand is one of the most complex parts of the human body. With so many distinct units, making so many movements to all possible directions, it is actually a real work of supreme science. Among these magnificent building blocks is the arm, on which grows five fingers. These are also unique in the fact that all of them are different, both in size and character. There are long ones and stunted ones. There are those that bend thrice while others twice. And albeit they grow in the same hand, they perform different functions. Cooks will tell you that the middle three fingers are always in an awkward position as far as hot pots are concerned. On the other hand, carpenters will tell you just how many times they had had to lick they crushed thumbs!
You see, the fingers belong to the same hand, but they are so different. The same happens to us in our day to day living. Differences are so much inevitable, whether in the family or community. There is a common saying in my language that from the same womb come a pastor and a witchdoctor! Even the so called identical twins have some differences! It gets clearer when we get with our peers. You will find that your age mates are not all in your league as much as many issues are concerned. You think differently, you view life differently and you score differently. This is very normal. I remember that during my days in college, I was in the class with a guy driving a top of the range ride and another one that had to limit his toilet paper consumption to six segments a day... patting himself on the back when he used none! If anything mattered to him, it was how to get a meal the next day, while some others formed a snack club at the tuck shop. But all of us were in the same class, taking the same lessons, facing the same examinations and supposedly aiming similar success in life!
One thing about differences in life is that they do not depend on anything in particular. Most of them just happen. Just like happened with Cain and Abel, God chose Abel's sacrifice as opposed to Cain's without any apparent reason. But Cain took it personal; he scorned his brother to an extent of committing an ill never fathomed hitherto. To him, Abel had robbed the chance from him. The comparison had proved him unworthy, giving rise to the first case of sibling rivalry in the history of mankind. Egocentricity is one of the biggest reasons for non-acceptance where differences appear in our daily living, especially when our 'equals' prove an edge in whatever aspects. It leads to people living unfulfilling lives, working against all odds to reach to the level of so and so. Taking heavy loans and even slowing the leaders down, a common way being witchcraft and even killings. What we should always remember is that 'all animals are not, were not and can never be equal. Just be all you can, appreciate your abilities and respect those of others.

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